How to breed Dubia Roaches – The easy way!

How to breed Dubia Roaches

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How to breed Dubia roaches – The easy way!

How to breed Dubia Roaches? Dubia roaches are a great food source for many reptiles, They cant fly or jump and if kept clean they do not smell. Dubia Roaches are readily accepted by most reptiles from small to large. Breeding dubia roaches gives you more control of the nutrition as you can feed them a good diet which is in turn passed back to your reptile.

Breeding dubia roaches is relativly easy and not time consuming.

Things you will need:

Plastic Container

Heat mat


Egg Crate

Dubia Roaches

Plastic container:

The size of the plastic container depends on how big or small you have to make a dubia roach colony. If you want a small colony then a smaller container will be needed and if you want a larger colony then go for a large container.

We have had best experience with using smaller containers and having the colonies a bit cramped – In our experience we have found that breeding takes place much faster and we have much better results.

Heat Mat:

A heat mat is needed to give the dubia roach colony some heat, If you can maintain the perfect temperature you will find breeding will take place much faster and growth rates will quicker. Meaning you will have more adult dubia roaches sooner!


Thermostat is needed for the heat mat or other heat source you are using for the dubia roach colony. This will stop your heating equipment overheating and setting on fire. Also gives you the ability maintain the perfect breeding temperature for you breeding dubia roaches.

Egg Crate:

Egg Crate is what your dubia roaches will be living and breeding on. Egg crate is also great for creating hiding spaces for the dubia roaches and making them feel secure which will help with breeding. It can be purchased quite cheap so its easy to replace when it gets dirty.

Dubia Roaches:

We all know why we need the dubia roaches.. Wont be able to breed them if we dont have them!

How to breed Dubia Roaches?

Dubia roaches need a temperature of 85f-90f to breed successfully, This can be obtained from using a heat mat stuck to the side of the container attached to a thermostat. Too cold or too hot and they wont breed as well. 

We have had a dubia colony in our shed and temperatures get to below -2 in the winter and found not many died during the winter. Although most of the young nymphs have not grown. 

So the first thing you need to do is, Attach the heat mat to the container and thermostat. This will ensure your colony is at the right temperature and will breed at a good rate. 

Now you can fill the container with egg crates and this will give places for the dubia roache to hide and breed. Also you will find the nymphs will wedge themselves in to tight spaces so they feel secure. 

Now all there is to do is to feed them regularly. We like to feed fresh fruit and vegetables as these are great source of food and hydration. Although there is many roach chows on the market if you would rather feed that. 

If you feed them regularly and keep the heat stable, you will find dubia nymphs one day you look in there. The care for the nymphs are similar to the adults but they tend to feed of the adults frass as well.  

This is the easy way to breed dubia roaches, We will continue to add to this post when we can. We have spoken to many livefood breeders and will try and bring you the best possible information to max out your dubia roach breeding. 

As you can tell dubia roaches are easy to breed and great for your reptile. We have been breeding dubia roaches for many years and have always had successful breeding following the above advice. 


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