Leopard Gecko Morphs

Leopard Gecko Morphs

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Leopard Geckos come in a variety of colours and patterns (Morphs), there is plenty of leopard geckos to choose from when you are trying to find your new pet or breeding project. Leopard Geckos are one of the most popular pet reptiles within the reptile hobby. Crossing different Leopard Gecko Morphs can produce different colours and patterns, and makes for a great hobby. Likewise breeding reptiles is very time consuming and can cost a lot of money to start up but if you have got what it takes then make sure you do your research.

We will update this post of Leopard Gecko Morphs with pictures as we add to the list. Although if you have pictures of a certain leopard gecko morph and would like it to be added on to our list then please contact us.

Leopard Gecko Morphs


High Yellow


Hypo Melanistic


Carrot Tail

Tremper Albino

Bell Albino

Rainwater Albino

We would like to make a note that the 3 albino strains should not be bred together as it would be impossible (Without test breeding) to see what genes the leopard gecko has. Known genetics are a big part of Leopard Gecko Morphs and if you are planning on becoming a breeding, It is always good practice to keep a record of genetics.


White And Yellow


Lemon Frost


Mack Snow

Gem Snow

Black Night

Black Night Leopard Geckos are all the talk right now within the leopard gecko hobby, and for good reason!

They are one of the most unique leopard gecko morphs on the market to date. Even when you see a picture of one, You have to double check its not fake. They look so unreal and people generally dont believe they are real. This probably has a massive influence of the rise of scammers who steal pictures from breeders and then try to scam people. So please be careful when you are trying to buy a black night leopard gecko.

Black Pearl

Leopard Gecko Sub Species

There are five leopard gecko sub species although they are often overlooked when people are buying a leopard gecko.

  • Eublepharis macularius afghanicus
  • Eublepharis macularius fasciolatus
  • Eublepharis macularius macularius
  • Eublepharis macularius montanus
  • Eublepharis macularius smithi

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