Prevue Pet Products Deluxe Critter Cage


Great for Rats, Chinchillas and much more!

This cage provides amazing amount of space for your furry little friends!



Prevue Pet Products Deluxe Critter Cage 484 is a protected and roomy home for a wide assortment of little creatures. Remarkable designing makes our critter confine simple to amass and gives a paw well disposed plan – no holes or squeeze focuses! Lightweight channel development is rock solid with rails, clasps and arrangement tabs to keep confine parts adjusted, solid and strong. Enclosure comes total with five racks with contort handle conclusion, three inclines and an excessively delicate rich lounger. Pet guardians can serenely get to the enclosure inside through two enormous section focuses, confine entryways close effectively and safely with our basic two-finger locking component. Entryways swing open wide giving full inside confine admittance to connecting with your pet or cleaning. The removable grille and plate make this enclosure simple to clean and are held set up with a windbell lock. A strong fit into the confine base gives additional security while metal and hard elastic casters permit you to handily move the pen and lock into place on a case by case basis. Utilize the implicit rack to store extra toys or treats. Appropriate for little creatures, ferrets, sugar lightweight planes, rodents, chinchillas, hedgehogs, turtles, reptiles, chameleons, iguanas and that’s only the tip of the iceberg, our Deluxe Critter Cage estimates 37” long, 23 1/8” wide and 63 3/8” high (counting the remain) with 7/16” wire dispersing.



Easy-to-assemble – heavy duty and rust-resistant, yet sturdy and lightweight!
Tight wire spacing and no gaps or pinch points-safe and appropriate for a wide range of small animals
Wide doors for full interior cage access
Pet-safe door locks-easy to open for pet owners, not for pets
Sturdy platforms and ramps and plush hammock create four levels of living, play and exploration space
Ample room for accessories in the cage and storage underneath
Removable grille and tray
Durable easy-rolling casters
An ideal home-especially for active small animals


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